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Recent Blog Entries

The New and Improved Reuseum!

January 9, 2015

Changes have been made, mountains have been climbed, the store has been conquered! The dedicated people of the Reuseum have finally flipped the shelves. Through hard work and perseverance, the store has become organized, with items in sections easier to find and with sections easier to navigate through. With dedicated sections, this store looks much more like → Read more about The New and Improved Reuseum! →

Lab Supplies; Tissue Papers, Latex Gloves, Bottles and Jars

Supplies have been provided, all with the properties being used for labs or lab occupations. We have many of the lab supplies now, from delicate task wipers, to latex gloves, to glass vials and beakers, we have it all. As many people already know, our lab section is filled to the brim with canisters of nalgene solutions, beakers → Read more about Lab Supplies; Tissue Papers, Latex Gloves, Bottles and Jars →

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