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Hackerspace Meetup 10.22.11

As we’ve grown, we have met many great people here that are building things, making art, developing new ideas, or just come to peruse and ponder their innovative ideas.  Some come by on a regular basis to either work on projects at our hack nights and workshops. We’ve even been asked if there were space to store their projects, and we’ve considered it.  When it comes down to the basic function here, we are the parts and supply for anything and everything you want to invent with. What we are being asked for, and what we want to build is an organization that can couple function and tooling with the inventory and ideals that stores like the Reuseum have to offer. What we need is well known in the DIY community as a hackerspace. That word has floated from the mouths of many here and elsewhere in our local community, and now we’re saying it too. For those wondering what a hackerspace is we can explain it as a publicly accessible R&D/fabrication workspace. Our 3d printers will be there, CNC’s, laser cutter and other tooling will have a presence soon as well, we will be able to host creative workshops and safety classes about the various tools.

Self sufficiency is a key to the growth of a group that performs the work a hackerspace can accomplish. Like all of the tools I’ve mentioned, this kind of organization must be crafted by hand, and while it seems like a great idea, logistics and detailed planning are the key to success  That is why, on Saturday, the 22nd of October at 6pm, we will be hosting a meeting for all concerned citizens who are interested in being involved in any way with an organization such as this.  Please come and share your opinions and ideas, that is after all, what a hackerspace is all about.

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