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Halloween is Arriving at the Reuseum!

Once every year, the grotesque ghouls, spooky skeletons, and ghoulish ghosts arrive at the Reuseum.  Sometimes in cars, sometimes by the air, and sometimes as people. This year, the skeletons arrived in swarms to gather the Halloween costumes needed for an eventful night of scares and candy.  In their adventurous discovery of the store, many of them stumbled upon gas masks of different sizes, military camouflage outfits, and even an assortment of cloth rages for costumes needing a more realistic feel. The ghouls, which didn’t take to kindly to the friendly atmosphere at the store, happened to be more interested in the hard hats for their rampaging sprees, goggles, and firefighting air respirators since they had no need to camouflage to their surroundings.

The ghosts that came in gave quiet a fright when their deep, ghastly voices rang in the ears. The phantasm were looking for many technological items that were needed to scare people with, in a newer technological world. Robots were their favorite items for the spooky nights out on the upcoming Halloween. The ghosts decided to dig for the programming systems to make their own robots. They liked the Arduino nano program boards because of their compact and easy to understand programming language. Some found the scrap bin full of metal to be quite the bountiful harvest of items for the robots outer covering and others enjoyed the electrical components that the Reuseum carried for the construction of high-performing, electronic robotic organisms.

At the end of the day, once all the grotesque ghouls, spooky skeletons, and ghoulish ghosts left with their truly inventive, yet terrifyingly magnificent, Halloween costumes, they prepared for the exciting holiday knowing their costumes shined, some literally, with Reuseum memorabilia. However, you do not have to be a ghost to get the coolest Halloween costumes from the Reuseum. Therefore, feel free to come on by and make your own cool design of a costume for this upcoming Halloween and be the true spook of your spooky street!


Here comes the wave of undead to find everything and anything for a spooky night of Halloween!


Even aliens are traveling by air to find awesome deals for Halloween at the Reuseum!


Here is just one of the many gas masks we have available; straps, half-face, air canistered.


Pick up one of these back mounting air respirator systems!


Have you found the military outfit, ski mask wearing, gas mask breathing, goggle seeing man looking for metal objects buried beneath the earth?


The gargoyles have also taken their perch at the Reuseum!


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