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Experiment With This Laboratory Equipment!


For the scientific side of you, the Reuseum has gathered a handful of cool and unique scientific related items!

We have recently received an Imperial III, model 305, Gravity Convection Incubator. This specialized incubator is perfect for keeping the area inside of the machine at perfect temperature. Perfect for lab testing, keeping special materials at their required temperature, or creating a germ colony; you decide the fate of the machine. Gravity convection laboratory incubators provide gentle air flow and minimal drying out and are ideal for applications with open plates or containers.

DSC09296 DSC09301








Another items that works great for laboratory circumstances is the Sartorius CPA124S CPA Analytical Balance. The balance has exactly the performance features that are required for fast and professional processing of weighing tasks. It includes ISO/GLP recording and printing and a RS-232C data interface which provides the basis for communication with other equipment, such as a computer.

DSC09303 DSC09304

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