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Cool Reuseum Stuff! – Radio Astronomy Telescope Tube


When coming into the store, some people are fascinated by the many different kinds of crazy and unique items that are sprawled throughout the shelves. However, not all of the items at the one and only Reuseum exist to be bought by the people who come in. Some people donate items here at the store that are just too cool to sell. For those select few items, the Reuseum holds a few sections of the store to museum worthy items! One of the items that we have currently in our possession is a Radio Astronomy Telescope Tube strait from the Peru itself.

This Radio tube has a bit of a background. From what we can gather with the shipping labels and a website of information, this Radio Astronomy Telescope Tube was one of many units that were used to map out Latin America from Mexico down to the bottom of Chili after World War II. If you want to read more about the project or watch a documentary video about the program, feel free to click on one of the hyperlinks!

One of the Department of Defenses most successful project; the Inter-American Geodetic Survey (IAGS) was created specifically to assist Latin American countries in surveying and mapping their vast internal regions that were either poorly mapped or entirely unmapped. Although we could find information on the program that did the mapping, we couldn’t find information on the item itself! The machine that we have is an electron tube in a wooden shipping box. There are two ‘scopes’ at the top of the machine with one that says ‘IN’ and one that says ‘OUT’. There is a shipping label on the outside of the wooden crate that tells us that it was apart of the DMA IAGS Peru Project from Lima, Peru and that it was sent to the Standford Research Institute in California. 

How this Radio Astronomy Telescope Tube ended up in our store is another story, but this item is one of the many items that we carry in our super cool Reuseum Museum of Stuff!

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