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Category Archives: Workshops

Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday April 19th

Event Details Start: 19 April 2014 10:00 am Venue: Reuseum Ed./ Reuseum Store Reuseum and Reuseum Ed are hosting an Easter egg hunt!! Come down for the main event at 10am on the 19th of April and have fun searching for fun prizes. What might you find in a Reuseum Easter egg? Kits, gift certificates, workshops or → Read more about Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday April 19th →

Hivebugs Workshop

From our article on Reuseum Ed: Our in-house robotics enthusiast has dreamed up some pretty cool 3D printed robots that have some fun and intriguing features.  Hivebugs are simple to build and hack, but can respond to each other and communicate with light.  There are like a firefly that flickers different colors of light when → Read more about Hivebugs Workshop →

DIY Sensors Workshop 10/13/12

Sometimes the key to a great project is the way it interacts with the world, or the fact that a certain project can harness data from its environment and display it in a creative way. To do this you’ll need a sensor. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be relatively inexpensive (or → Read more about DIY Sensors Workshop 10/13/12 →

Arduino Basics Workshop is August 18th!

Lots of people have an idea of something awesome that they would want to build, with the caveat “If I only knew how…”  and that one statement seems to be the only obstacle in their way.  For some the supposed complexity of programming or electronics is daunting and remains an obscure idea to very creative → Read more about Arduino Basics Workshop is August 18th! →

Maker Meetup! Saturday July 14th 2012

As you may know, we have been very busy working on creating some great organizations that have been a want in the community for some time. Every day people arrive here at the shop talking about building and creating.  Our goal has ever been to help these people in realizing their ambitions.  On Saturday July → Read more about Maker Meetup! Saturday July 14th 2012 →

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