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Convenient Electronics Recycling Drop-Off

As a  service to the community, we provide a convenient location for individuals to drop off their used, sort of working, or non functional technology and e-scrap for reuse and recycling. So if you’d like to recycle your old computer or dispose of e-waste, stop in!  We’re open Monday thru Saturday offering you an easy electronics waste recycling solution.

We work with organizations to clear up valuable space – Free pickup is available for businesses with a large amount of material.

Proceeds from your donated items benefit Reuseum Educational Incorporated, a registered 501c,  nonprofit organization.

Reuseum Educational Inc., provides workshops, materials and expertise in the support of scientific and technology education:  Be sure to ask for a donation receipt!



For CRT computer monitors and glass-tube TV’s, we charge a modest fee of $10.00 per unit for TV’s under 19 inches, and $15.00 per unit for TV’s 19 inches to 28 inches. TV's above 28 inches, console, rear-projection, and DLP TV’s are $25 each. These charges are to cover our costs of responsible disposal.



  • CRT monitors & televisions (for a modest fee):
  • LCD monitors & televisions, any size.
  • Computers, laptops, printers, scanners, cables
  • Test, laboratory equipment & supplies
  • Industrial machinery & tools
  • Telecom equipment
  • Medical & dental equipment
  • Workbenchs & shop furnishings
  • Excess electrical, electronic parts & supplies
  • Cell phones
  • Appliances
  • Personal electronics
  • Tools
  • Office equipment
  • Batteries
  • Wire & cables
  • Hardware
  • Raw materials such plexiglass and metal.
  • Pallets


  • Items containing hazardous materials such as lead or mercury.
  • Refrigerators, freezers, water coolers or other items containing refrigerants.
  • Chemicals

Don’t forget to protect your information when you are recycling!  Here at the store, we take care that any information stored on technology is erased and encrypted with open source software for recyclers. It is available and always a good tool to have at home as well. For information, you can visit

We currently accept drop offs of your recyclable technology during our normal business hours. Please note our hours at the top of the page and do not drop off your recyclables when we are closed. Thank you!